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The long history of our good sales record attributes to kind assistance and support from our customers. In Japan, Mitani has a 50% share in the valve market and a 20% share in the pump market.

Our delivery time of standard products is basically 1 month. Depending on the type of products, we make efforts to deliver valves in 2 weeks and pumps and accessories in 1 month. If your product requires a newly-developed valve or pump, please consult our sales representatives.

Please let us know the exact product you would like to use. We will check the specifications and let you know whether we can provide a product with the same specifications as soon as possible. If possible, we will give you a sample.
We are ready to develop a product meeting your own needs. However, we may not be able to provide the same product due to the patent and design infringement problems. Please contact our sales representatives. We will inform you whether we can provide the product you want or not.


If you already know that Product B of Company A is definitely a Mitani’s product, we can give you an answer immediately. If you are not sure whether a Mitani’s product is used in Product B, we will check and inform you. If Product B was jointly developed with Company A for a special purpose, we can quickly give you an answer. However, if Product B is one of our standard products, it may take some time to respond to your inquiry.
Should we find out that Product B is not by Mitani, we will inform you whether we can provide a similar product or not as soon as possible.

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弊社には、一般販売を目的とした汎用製品と、お客様と特定の商品として共同で開発し、お約束(独占契約等)で専用とした製品があります。 A社様が発売されているC商品に採用されている弊社製品が、汎用製品であればいつでも可能です。この弊社製品がA社様の専用製品の場合には残念ながらご要望にはお応え出来ません。

We have standard products which can be sold to any customers, and special products which are jointly developed with a customer for specific use under an agreement (exclusive products). If Product C is one of our standard products, we can provide you with it any time you want. If Product C is an exclusive product for Company A, however, we cannot provide the same product. In this case, we can change , for example, the design or a function of an exclusive product and provide it to you for your own products. Please consult our sales representatives. We will suggest a solution.

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Please ask our sales representatives what product sample you would like to have. We will provide it in 3 to 5 days. If you need many samples, please consult us. In order to provide the best sample for your product and purpose, our sales representatives will contact and ask you detailed questions.


Factors affecting and determining the spray load of aerosol cans include the strength of the spring (spring load), hardness of the stem rubber, and inner pressure of the aerosol can. As it is difficult to change the hardness of the stem rubber and the inner pressure, the spray load is changed by adjusting the spring load. We have various springs with different loads for our standard valves. However, the spring load cannot be changed in some products depending on the type of valves or products. We also have trigger type products with a hinge which has a smaller spray load. Factors affecting the spray load of pump products include the spring load, viscosity and sliding resistance of the content, the internal diameter of the cylinder, and the flow resistance of the jet nozzle (internal diameter). We may change the above factors and prepare a product your consumers prefer. Please consult our sales representatives. We will offer you the most appropriate specifications for your product.
The change of the function load automatically leads to a change of the spray load for pump products. Although it is basically possible, there are limitations due to the viscosity of the contents. As it depends on the purpose of use of our product, please consult our sales representatives. We will offer you the most appropriate specifications for your product.



You can find the product name by Visiting our web site and checking the “Products” page where a product list is available. Please let us know if you have already found an already-marketed product that can be used as a reference to your planned product. If you know a product that can be used as a reference but is used for the purpose different from yours, we will check it and offer you the most appropriate specifications. Please contact us and receive Mitani’s product brochure. Our sales representatives are ready to visit you to explain our products any time.


A capillary dip tube is a pipe with a small internal diameter which has a higher flow resistance and smaller unobstructed capacity than the standard pipes. These characteristics of capillary dip tubes can be taken advantage of by using them for the following purposes:

  1. 一般的に噴射量を少なく調整したいときはハウジングの下穴を小さくしますが、パウダー(固体微粉末)処方などの詰り易い内容物では穴径をあまり小さくできません。このような場合、キャピラリーパイプを使用すると流量抵抗が大きいのでハウジングの下穴を小さくしなくとも噴射量を少なく調整することができます。

    When decreasing the spray amount, we usually narrow a lower hole in a housing. However if the valve/pump is easily clogged with the contents because they include powder (solid fine powder), we have to maintain a certain internal diameter for the pipe. In such a case, using a capillary pipe causes a higher flow resistance so that we can decrease the spray amount without narrowing the lower hole of the housing.
  2. ヘアフォーム(泡沫)などでは、ご使用前にまず缶を振り原液とガスを混ぜて使用しますが、パイプの中までなかなか混ざり合わないためにフォームにならないまま吐出されることがあります。キャピラリーパイプを使用するとこのフォームにならない現象を最小限とすることができます。

    For foam-type products such as hair mousse, it is usually necessary to shake the can before application to mix the contents and the propellant. However the contents in the pipe may be mixed insufficiently and discharged in a non-foaming form. The capillary dip tube minimizes such phenomenon.


TSW has some limitations for its use depending on the manufacturing process of an aerosol product and how it is fixed in a can. We recommend 27.15 mm +/- 0.05 of clinch width, 4.75 +/- 0.05 mm of clinch depth, and an 8-collet type.


弊社の多くの製品は、既に医薬品用途にもご採用いただいております。使用量を制限したい医薬品には定量バルブ(定量スプレー=Metering Sprayとも呼ばれます)が非常に適しています。実績に基づいた製品仕様をご提案することが可能です。お客様自身で「薬事法」に基づく諸条件に従い必要な確認試験及び評価をお願いします。

Many of our products have already been adopted for phamaceutical products. For drugs with limited dose amount, a metering valve (also called as “metering spray”) is the best choice. We can offer appropriate specifications based on our experiences. Please complete required tests and evaluation process on your own in accordance with rules and standards set under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.


In aerosol products, a propellant is used to dissolve and discharge the contents, and certain types of propellants are liquified by compression. Such liquified propellants are called as liquified gas. Therefore, the contents in a can are under pressure due to the pressure of this propellant. In a can, gas is divided into two phases; the liquid phase which consists of evenly dissolved contents and liquified gas; and the vapor phase which consists of vaporized propellant. What exists in the vapor phase in the form of gas is called vaporized gas.


Aerosol products can be classified into two categories depending on the physical characteristics of gas used as the propellant.
In liquefied gas type products, compressed and liquefied gas is used as the propellant, and in compressed gas type products, compressed and high pressure gas is used as the propellant. Liquefied gas includes LPG and DME, and compressed gas includes nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide.
As carbon dioxide has the characteristic to dissolve in liquid contents, using carbon dioxide gas as a propellant shows a characteristic similar to that of liquefied gas.






Presently, we can provide valve accessories (the nozzle part attached to the valve, usually called actuators) which can be detached and sorted before disposal. It is possible to select various parts made of different materials which best fit your product and its purpose according to your request. Please consult our sales representatives.

We provide two types of products

  1. エアゾール商品(ヘアスプレーや殺虫剤、カセットボンベなど)の缶から内容物を取り出すエアゾールバルブ(Aerosol Valve)と呼ばれる部分、及びそれに付属する噴射ボタンやキャップなど外装品(Actuatorと呼ばれるバルブ本体に取付ける放出部分)

    Aerosol valves for the purpose of discharging the contents of aerosol cans (for hair sprays and insecticide sprays, for example) and valve accessories (usually called “actuators”) such as valve actuators and caps.
  2. 化粧品、雑貨等に使用されている内容液を霧状、乳液状に噴霧または吐出するスプレイヤーポンプおよびディスペンサーポンプ

    Dispenser pumps (for shampoo and conditioner) and trigger pumps (for house cleaning detergents) for the purpose of discharging the contents by pulling a lever.

  • お客様の様々なご使用用途に対応できるように製品の種類を取り揃えております。詳しいカタログを用意しております。当ホームページからお申し込みください。

    We offer various products to meet customer’s individual needs. Please contact us through our website for copies of our product brochure.


Mitani has a filling equipment for in-house evaluation. If you would like to fill your prototype product into an aerosol can for testing purposes, we can do it upon request. If a filling process is required for the purpose of mass-production, we will introduce a filling company.


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