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Make aerosol products more freely.


We have come up with a brand new packaging design.
We present “CRAiN”series in to our lineup which have adopted the waterproof type spouts of Z-1000-C series dispenser pumps for the aerosol foaming products. As a maker of Aerosol valves and dispenser pump for many years,
Mitani have combined its technology to develop a new packaging design.
You can use it for wide range of application like facial care, body care and so on which make very fine foam which dispenser pump products can’t make.

クレイン スパウト

CRAiN Spout.
・Design like dispenser pumps.
・Various spout designs.
・Stopper lock type.
・Decoration is available.


We have also launched a new hinge spout which is available of decoration and has light functioning forth force, and a new single spout with reasonable price.
Available to choose accessories to meet your package design.


・Minimum design.
・Single spout.
※Cap type.


・Hinge type.
・Decoration is available.
※Cap type.

This is Mitani’s proposal to make aerosol products more freely.