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We would like to spray finer mist more softly. Do you have any suggestions?

ハウジングの横穴(ベーパータップVapour Tapと言います)の変更やボタンノズルの穴径を絞ったり、ボタンチップのスクリュー幅を小さくするなどの方法があります。最も細かい霧をご希望の場合には、チソットボタンもご用意しております。

There are several ways to make finer mist that is sprayed more softly — changing the size of the side orifice of the housing (“vapor tap”); reducing the diameter of the actuator nozzle; reducing the screw width on the tip of the valve actuator. If you would like to have the finest mist, we also have a double mechanical break-up actuator (also called a “tissot actuator”).
We will suggest an appropriate valve system and actuator that best fit the spray particle size of your product.

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