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We would like to have a pump which works softly with light finger load.


Two interpretations are possible when you say “works softly with light finger load”; one is that the pushing load of the pump is light; and the other is that pump action is soft and smooth.
If you would like to lighten the pushing load, it requires low inner pressure and proper adjustment of the spring. In addition to the spring load, the following factors affect the pushing load; viscosity of the contents, sliding resistance of the piston valve, the internal diameter of the cylinder, and flow resistance of the nozzle (nozzle caliber). The spring load is determined depending on the viscosity of the contents. Please let us know what level of pushing load you prefer. We provide various products with different internal diameters of cylinders, different diameters of nozzle caliber, and different springs.
When soft and smooth action is required, uneven surface and unbalanced pushing load must be avoided. When the contents include alcohol, the sliding resistance of the piston valve may increase.
We are ready to discuss with you in a frank manner and propose an idea in order to make a product which is fully in touch with your customers’ sensibilities. Please consult our sales representatives.

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