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Please explain the difference between standard valves, semi-tilt valves, and tilt valves.


Standard valves are general valves, also called push-down valves. When a stem is pushed down (i.e. a actuator is pushed), an orifice located in the stem moves down to a part sealed by a stem rubber, and the contents are discharged. Tilt valves are designed to discharge the contents by a tilt action of the actuator which means that the stem is tilted to move the actuator horizontally. A sealed side of the stem rubber is shaped like a mortar to discharge the contents even if the can is tilted on a side where an orifice is not located. One of the features of the tilt valve is to open/close the valve with a smaller action. Semi-tilt valves are categorized as push-down valves. A sealed side of the stem is shaped like a mortar similar to that of the tilt valve which means that the transition zone between full open and full close is smaller and, therefore, it functions quickly with a smaller action.

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