Please let us know the delivery time of Mitani products.

Our delivery time of standard products is basically 1 month. Depending on the type of products, we make efforts to deliver valves in 2 weeks and pumps and accessories in 1 month. If your product requires a newly-developed valve or pump, please consult our sales representatives.

Can you decrease/increase the function(spray)load?


Factors affecting and determining the spray load of aerosol cans include the strength of the spring (spring load), hardness of the stem rubber, and inner pressure of the aerosol can. As it is difficult to change the hardness of the stem rubber and the inner pressure, the spray load is changed by adjusting the spring load. We have various springs with different loads for our standard valves. However, the spring load cannot be changed in some products depending on the type of valves or products. We also have trigger type products with a hinge which has a smaller spray load. Factors affecting the spray load of pump products include the spring load, viscosity and sliding resistance of the content, the internal diameter of the cylinder, and the flow resistance of the jet nozzle (internal diameter). We may change the above factors and prepare a product your consumers prefer. Please consult our sales representatives. We will offer you the most appropriate specifications for your product.
The change of the function load automatically leads to a change of the spray load for pump products. Although it is basically possible, there are limitations due to the viscosity of the contents. As it depends on the purpose of use of our product, please consult our sales representatives. We will offer you the most appropriate specifications for your product.