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Valves are used for various products such as insecticides, paints, cosmetics, and industrial products and we are not sure which valve is best for our product. Can we receive help and advice as to which valve best fits our product?


Mitani has been a specialty company for developing and manufacturing aerosol valves for nearly 50 years. Our experience accumulated over the years enables us to suggest the most appropriate valve specifications for your product until you find the best valve based on the data that we have accumulated. The basic specifications are determined by the purpose of use, content, and expected spray amount of the product. As the contents of aerosol products vary, we need to carry out a compatibility test of your contents and valve parts with you. We can help and support you until your product is successfully launched into the market. We promise confidentiality.
Aerosol products are classified by spraying patterns: air sprays such as insecticide and deodorant sprays discharge the contents into the air and need fine mist; surface sprays such as hair sprays, paint sprays, and cleaners discharge the contents on a surface; foaming sprays such as shaving sprays and hair mousses discharge the contents in a foamy form; powder sprays discharge solid fine powder; and paste spray discharges high viscosity gel and paste. We can handle various types of contents. Please consult our sales representatives.

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