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アウターガスケットCup gasket (Outer gasket)に使われているA, Bラバーって何ですか?
What is rubber A and rubber B used in inner gaskets?

アウターに使用されているガスケット(これはリングガスケットとも呼ばれます)は、原液(内容液)に対する耐性が重要な要因となりますので、使用用途によって使い分ける仕様となっています。ステムラバー(インナーガスケットInner gasket)にAやBのラバーがあります。これらのラバーは原液によって使い分けます。また、シール性を考慮して各種グレードのラバーがあります。A, Bラバーとは、ラバーのグレードを表す弊社での名称です。原液(内容液)の物理特性は、企業(商品)秘密となるものが多数で、明らかにすることは嫌われます。弊社では、ご計画商品をお聞きして(秘密は厳守します)、いろいろな種類のゴムの材質と適正範囲を考慮して、どのラバーを使うか製品仕様をご提案させていただいております。

As tolerance for the contents is one of the most important features of gaskets (also called “ring gaskets”) used in the outer part, the type of gasket is chosen depending on the purpose of use. There are rubber A and rubber B in the stem rubber (inner gasket). These rubbers should be properly used depending on the type of content. There are also rubbers with various grades that have different sealing effects. Rubber A and rubber B are the names of the rubbers used in Mitani products describing a different grade. The physical characteristics of the contents are often trade secrets and companies do not like to disclose them. Mitani will offer appropriate specifications including the type of rubber after receiving information on your planned product (we promise confidentiality) and taking into consideration the characteristics and appropriate range of various rubbers.
We may change the ratio of the vapor tap size and the lower orifice size for the purpose of adjusting a spraying feature. We also have various housings. We believe that, in many cases, you can find the appropriate one among them. However, if you have special specifications, we will make a tailor-made product. Please consult our sales representatives for more detailed information.

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